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"it's a god send i could not do without it."

Possibly the strap's highest ever appraisal.

- Manager of HI5Print, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts



"I carry a fairly heavy brief case which was always sliding off my shoulder and caused me a lot of neck and shoulder pain. The i-stay strap stays in place much better and as a result has reduced the pain levels a lot. It's worth mentioning that I am 63 so some pain is expected as a result of wear and tear. I have already recommended the i-stay strap to friends."

Another review of the i-stay non-slip replacement bag strap

K via Amazon.co.uk


"I am delighted with this product. We have now had one in school on trial for 3 months and it still looks brand new. We are in the process of re-educating our students to wear their bags high on their backs, which is challenging! The students are a little concerned as to how to individually identify their bag but i-stay have been stars from the beginning and helped source tags and coloured bands. I am very confident the parents and students will love this product for all the reasons above and many more."

- Mr. Colin Macrae (Headmaster of Wingate School- comments from his students can be read on the Education page. Have a look at what i-stay can do for your school/college branding.


"I am fed-up with my bag slipping off my shoulder constantly. I carry a laptop & sometimes my tab. along with a plethora of books, note-books etc And when it slips off my shoulder it is with a huge crash and anything I have in my hands at the time goes crashing with the bag. Not forgetting the endless fidgeting with the strap, having to keep pulling it back onto your shoulder! I have just discovered I-stay! Ingenious to say the least, comfortable, no slipping off the shoulder, no more fidgeting around with silly straps. I am certainly well pleased with my new bag and finally an end to slipping straps. Thank-you!!!"

- Comment on Facebook from Angela Thompson


"Purchased 1 of these bags and next day purchased a 2nd one for my daughters birthday. Great product and would recommend this item to any one who has a IPad.”

Review of the i-stay iPad/tablet case

Snap2 Products via BagsDirect.com



“Good, non-slip strap. I have searched and found it difficult to buy this size bag at a reasonable price and am very satisfied. I think I shall be using it for general purposes not just transporting the laptop which was my chief reason for buying it”

Review of the i-stay slim-line laptop bag

Hazel via viking-direct.co.uk



"Just received the one I order today and feel very glad with this purchase.

The material is great and easy to clean. The compartments have plenty of space for everything I need to carry daily.

The strap actually surprised me with the comfort and how secure it stays on shoulder.

Finally the look it is just awesome, I have been searching for long for a nice messenger type bag for my laptop but never found something I would call my choice, when I saw the reviews and the pictures about this bag I liked it, now after receive my order I can tell this is the one!"

Review of the i-stay laptop messenger case

Miguel Dias' comment on the product's YouTube video



"I loved this bag because it has a lot of storing spaces! even for your USB memory stick! And the non-slip strap means I can leave my hands free without being afraid of falling!!"

- electrogadgetblog.com reviewing the i-stay ladies laptop bag



"Thanks for my non slip bag strap, it arrived just before my holidays last week and I'm so glad it did! It made such a difference not having to pull my bag up on my shoulder every 2 minutes, while dealing with 4 kids and other luggage. I'd really recommend I-stay."

- Competition winner Louise McNicol on our Facebook page


I have just taken delivery of an i-stay 13.3" laptop bag and I must say it is the best bag I have ever had. At the price it was extremely good value, better than some more expensive bags. It has a real look of quality about it.

It perfectly fits my 13.3" MacBook Pro. There are very few, if any, bags on the market to fit this laptop and I was very glad to have found it. The bag could well be advertised for this laptop.

I hope to get many years of use from this bag and I would be glad to recommend it, and any other of your products, to friends.

A review from Mr. A. Tyas


“It really is very useful. I like it a lot! I have shoulder problems so I want something that’s relatively sturdy, but light. I like to wear a cross-body bag, but even if you wear it on the shoulder, it doesn’t move, which is vital for me.”

- Karen from Stafford, QVC caller

“Great idea. Good solution."

"The best idea in years. A really unique product."

"I commute through London all week and this has enabled me to drink my coffee and eat a croissant at the same time!!!! Genius..."

"Came across this brand whilst looking for an iPad bag. Fantastic."

"I really love this product. More people need to know about it."

"A very unique and practical solution to an everyday problem!! Well done!!!"

"Simple, effective and very comfortable. Why has it taken so long for someone to come up with this very clever and attractive idea??? I love it."

"I have used one for over 12 months and would not go away without it. For the first time I can manage my handheld luggage and have a shoulder bag without stopping every 20 seconds to pick my shoulder bag off the floor. Nice one!!!"

Comments from our profile on the Smarta 100.

- Thank you Finch, Colin, Adam, Alek, Kimmy, Hitesh, Johnathan, Philip and more...


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