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i-stay products have proved popular at schools and colleges, for both teachers and students.

Great Teachers Do It All!

We at i-stay® understand that teachers not only instruct and inspire, they are increasingly busy with a variety of extracurricular activities outside of the working environment. The i-stay® computer bag/case ranges are specifically designed to endure the rigours of daily work life by keeping your mobile devices safe and protecting the investment you make in your 1:1 technology deployment.

Young Postures Need Protecting!

After piling their lunch on top of all their school supplies and mobile electronic devices, it's not surprising some kids feel they are literally carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders every morning.

Huffington Post: What Heavy Backpacks Are Doing to Kids Bodies

The unique i-stay® replacement bag strap, and our range of laptop/tablet bags, are all specially designed to help reduce the risk of shoulder and back ache. Enabling your child to carry their school work in greater comfort.

Students of Wingate School give the i-stay strap their approval:

Blair (Yr10): "I really like the bag because it is so comfortable on my back. It doesn’t slip and there are lots of compartments to keep all my books and equipment secure. Having the water bottle compartments outside is good because if the water spills it doesn’t go on my books."

Maisy (Yr10): "Once I was shown how to wear it high on my back (which took a little getting used to), I really like the bag and it doesn’t slip. I could easily keep all my stuff safe because it has loads of compartments. All the padding at the back makes it really comfortable."

Toby (Yr9): "I think it’s the best backpack I have had. It has loads of room inside and the water pouches on the outside are a good idea. It’s really comfortable to carry as long as it’s high on your back – which isn’t very trendy, but I know it is better for my back."

Laura (Yr7): "I thought it was going to be too big for me at first but when I had it high up on my back it was really comfortable because of all the padding. There is loads of room inside and I know it will keep my new laptop safe. I really liked it and it is much better than my normal bag."

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We Can Brand Your School

i-stay offers a first-rate, cost effective promotional product service to any interested education authority.

Using screen print technology, our products can be personalised with your school or college logo.

If you are interested in what i-stay can do for your establishment, please contact or phone us on 01604 676767.







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